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What is the review on Binance?

User reviews on Binance ( are mostly positive. Thanks to this, an excellent advertising based on word of mouth has been generated on the internet that has led the platform to have more than 130 million users spread throughout the world. This huge figure is only achieved when quality, design and user experience are at a higher level.

When we surf the net and look for references published in forums, comments and other pages specialized in cryptocurrencies and trading to write this Binance review, we found favorable comments related to the simple use of the exchange. This point is really remarkable because, in turn, the portal offers an extensive list of options and functionalities.

Another of the most prominent opinions about Binance by users are those related to satisfaction with the high degree of security offered by the platform. The ease of making deposits and withdrawals is also particularly noteworthy. All of them can be seen published in forums such as Rankia and others.

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What about Binance?

What about Binance? rubengrcgrc

The thing about Binance is that it continues to lead the cryptocurrency brokerage sector on the network. The platform has figures of the daily volume of total operations that are around 30,000 million dollars. This frames it as the leading portal for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

It is also the website to negotiate in the blockchain sector that offers a greater number of cryptocurrencies. This list is currently above 380 references in digital currencies to invest in the short, medium or long term. Thanks to these characteristics, the portal continues with its enormous growth rate in attracting new investors through the popularization of this type of online investment.

The exchange has made headlines for being forced to halt its activity in the UK. But we have to point out that it is active in more than 100 countries around the world such as the US, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and many more. It currently has a number of users that is over 130 million registered investors, a figure only suitable for internet giants. Unmistakable symptom of being in excellent health.

Is Binance or Coinbase better?

Is Binance or Coinbase better? rubengrcgrc

This is a question that does not have an easy answer. In the opinion of our team we cannot say that Binance is better than Coinbase since both are excellent platforms to invest in cryptocurrencies. In fact, most of the members of our study group of the best web portals use both platforms to make their small or large investments in the blockchain sector.

Both portals have great features in terms of ease of use and especially with regard to the security of our investments. Vital point for each and every one of the registered users who point to this point as a vital factor in deciding in which exchange they operate with crypto assets.

From our point of view, both Binance and Coinbase are excellent choices to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of cryptocurrencies. It is no coincidence that between the two they have more than 200 active users with gigantic business figures that do not stop growing with each passing month. We can firmly affirm that in both portals we are far from any fraud or scam.

How reliable is Binance?

How reliable is Binance? rubengrcgrc

The Binance portal is an ideal platform to buy or invest in Bitcoin and the rest of the most important cryptocurrencies in the Blockchain sector. Thus, in addition, millions of investors around the world who trust this exchange to make their investments in cryptocurrencies believe it.

To get an idea of ​​the strength of the platform, just take a look at its most relevant numbers. Among them, the figure of operating more than 2 million transactions per second stands out. Or count as we have anticipated before with more than 130 million registered users. These data give us an overview to understand that the web is totally reliable, with it we are far from any scam and our investment remains in complete safety.

Thanks to this degree of trust, the web does not stop growing and launching new functionalities. Some of the most prominent are the academy of education in blockchain and crypto, research with analysis and studies at an institutional level or its launchpad for new currencies. These launches result in its position as a benchmark in the sector, providing investors with a greater number of tools and ways to invest in endless cryptocurrencies.

Is Binance legit?

Is Binance legit? rubengrcgrc

Sure, Binance is a legit portal for the exchange and negotiation of cryptocurrencies with its excellent reputation and the number of millions of investors that are part of the platform with opinions published in thousands of forums and internet reviews.

Thanks to this general review on the reliability of the portal, the global numbers of the web are explained, which are simply spectacular as its more than 2 million operations per second.

The website also complies with the regulations of all the countries where it offers its services. It must be put in context that the blockchain sector is a market that has only a few years of life. The laws to regulate its commercialization have been arriving over time, although not all countries are doing it at the same speed.

How much does Binance charge per transaction?

How much does Binance charge per transaction? rubengrcgrc

The Binance website charges a commission for the purchase, sale and negotiation of the cryptocurrencies offered that varies between 0.0450% and 0.0750% of the total of each operation carried out. These rates are classified in several levels that are established based on the volume of business generated in the exchange each month. The higher the investment, the lower the commission level. However, we can affirm from experience and the opinion publications of many users, that all the levels of commissions offered are below the general average of the online investment sector in cryptocurrencies. In fact, this is another factor that explains the immense volume of users it has achieved in just 4 years.

Another of the platform’s commissions are those applied to deposits and withdrawals of money. Depending on the selected payment method we can find means with 0% commission up to some that can be around 2%. For example, transactions made through bank transfers do not carry any type of commission and bank cards do carry a commission close to 2%. Transactions made with other offered wallets have a 0% commission or 0.1%.

All commission applied by the web is published in an updated way in its own portal. They are accessible to all visitors without the need to be previously registered.

What is Binance Exchange?

What is Binance Exchange? rubengrcgrc

The Binance Exchange portal is the largest online intermediary to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and the rest of the most relevant cryptocurrencies. On this platform we can perform countless actions to buy, sell, trade or get some of the cryptocurrencies offered on the web.

Today, the portal is a giant in the sector with millions of small, medium and large investors who use its tools to invest in this boiling market. The exchange offered by the platform is the section where we can exchange cryptocurrencies in order to generate the highest possible profitability from the operations carried out.

In addition to having this professional exchange for intermediation and negotiation with cryptocurrencies, we have in the same platform specific functions to negotiate and obtain digital assets from its “Earn”, “Pool” sections, membership through the recommendation to acquaintances and loans of cryptos among others.

What review is there on Binance fees?

What opinions are there on Binance fees? rubengrcgrc

As we have anticipated before, the opinions on the moderate commissions charged by the Binance exchange are quite positive. This is so because investors were used to significantly higher rates when it came to buying or trading Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest of the most relevant cryptocurrencies on the market.

When we look for specialized investment forums such as Rankia we can read comments praising the low rates raised by the portal. Regarding the commission levels based on the amounts invested by each user, there is more disparity of criteria. We can find opinions in favor and others against this approach. Although it should be noted that it is common in any online investment platform.

In addition to the forums, we can also read reviews published on platforms specialized in the publication of comments such as Trustpilot and all comments are directed in the same line. It can be said that the general opinion of users about the commissions raised by the exchange have a high degree of acceptance.

Is it safe to trade cryptocurrencies on Binance?

Is it safe to trade cryptocurrencies on Binance? rubengrcgrc

Security is one of the most appreciated and cared for by Binance. According to the opinions expressed with tens of thousands of users in forums and articles, we see that this is one of the points that stands out the most. For this, the exchange has two high-performance verification levels in terms of security.

All the measures implemented by the programming team related to the security of its users have made the portal one of the safest in its sector. In addition, web browsing always remains on safe urls. We can check this at any time if we visualize the web address that always remains next to a padlock that indicates that we are under SSL security.

With regard to transactions related to deposits or withdrawals of money, we also have the highest levels of security applied in the best platforms specialized in online payments.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages - rubengrcgrc

Like the rest of the platforms of any internet sector, Binance has advantages and disadvantages to analyze before trading in it with the most relevant cryptocurrencies.

Among the most discussed advantages we have:

  1. Offers free and secure registration.
  2. It’s a legit platform with a huge reputation
  3. It has more than 130 million registered users
  4. It has low commissions
  5. It is available in more than 8 languages
  6. Offers ease and different options to process deposits and withdrawals
  7. It has an extensive list of possibilities to trade cryptocurrencies
  8. Offers your own token (BNB) with discounts and benefits

Regarding the disadvantages that we can find in Binance, the following stand out:

  1. They do not offer a hotline
  2. The handling of some functionalities such as trading can be complex

Is Binance a scam?

Is Binance a scam? rubengrcgrc

In no case. The Binance platform is a review and a trusted world reference in the purchase, sale and trading of cryptocurrencies and has really favorable opinions, in no case have we seen comments published on this exchange’s scams. On the contrary, the strength of this platform is so great and has such a good reputation that its main channel for obtaining new registrations is the advertising generated by the web users.

When we look for reviews from other users on the web we always find good experiences in terms of registration, negotiation, deposits, withdrawals and the rest of the factors associated with the platform. In addition, the experience that we have obtained in our portal study team is in the same line as the rest of the users. Honestly, it is an impeccable platform, if you are looking to invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, this is a perfect place to do it.

Thanks to this positive general opinion about the web, some of its figures can be explained, such as processing more than 1 million operations on cryptocurrencies a second, yes, a second. This data gives us an overview of the strength of the web.

How to withdraw money on Binance?

How to withdraw money on Binance? rubengrcgrc

Withdrawing money from Binance ( is a fast, reliable and safe process, as shown by the surveys and opinions published by users and traders of the crypto investment portal. To withdraw the money obtained in profits we can choose several payment methods. The most used by registrants is, without a doubt, bank transfer. With them we can withdraw the money quickly, easily and safely. For this we only have to access our profile and mark this option.

As the second most used option by other users in the world of exchange we have bank cards. Both VISA and Mastercard are accepted. Withdrawals of money through cards involve accepting commissions close to 2%.

In addition to these usual withdrawal options, we also have the option of withdrawing money through specialized online payment platforms. Depending on the country where we reside, they can offer us one or the other between Sofort, BBVA, BANXA, Mercuryo, Koinal, Simplex and some more.

Social Media

Social Media - rubengrcgrc

Some of the main social networks that we can find in this review can be an ideal place to find opinions about Binance. In them, we find trustworthy users, followers and experts in the topics of cryptocurrencies and online trading. With such a volume of registered in the exchange it is easy to find the opinion of thousands of users published in social networks, blogs and specialized forums such as Rankia.

In the comments published we can check all the above. Most of these publications express the high levels of security of the web, the low commissions applied and the ease of using it both on PC and mobile devices. We can also find many references on the different options to generate profits with special mentions to buying, trading and mining.

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