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Is Binance banned in Ireland?

No, Binance ( is not blocked in Ireland and registration for buying, selling or trading cryptocurrencies can be done as normal. Many users ask about this question in search engines and it is easily verifiable that the portal is active for residents of the country and can be traded with digital assets with all its operational functionalities.

It is true that there are other countries in which the purchase / sale or negotiation with cryptocurrencies is not legal, is limited or prohibited, but this is not the case in our country. Here, they can be bought or stored with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with full legality.

Thanks to this scenario, Binance Ireland offers its brokerage services with more than 300 cryptocurrencies available to Irish users. In addition, in this territory we have all the available functionalities of the universe of the platform such as the Earn, Pool, Derivatives, Trading, Mining sections or the academic and informative sections for the constant improvement of knowledge about the blockchain sector.

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What countries is available?

What countries is Binance available? rubengrcgrc

The Binance exchange is available in most countries in the world. Thanks to this, it has more than 200 million registered users on the platform. Among the countries closest to Ireland in which it is also possible to access to trade with cryptocurrencies, we can say that in all.

For example, the countries of the European Union such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Greece and so on until the complete list is completed. In the rest of the world, the same scenario. This portal can be used from Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and many more.

The platform, despite what some people think, is also operational and available in the UK. What is certain is that it limited the products offered to users residing in this country. From there it is not possible to access trading through derivatives or futures. But if you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with complete peace of mind and legality.

The only territories from which registration on the web is not possible are those in which ownership of cryptocurrencies is not allowed.

Is still safe?

Is Binance still safe? rubengrcgrc

Yes, we can affirm that Binance is a safe platform to invest in cryptocurrencies. Not only do we think so when we study the main cryptocurrency intermediation portals, but the millions of users who use it to make their investments in the blockchain sector think so.

As noteworthy data we can see its number of transactions per minute, this exceeds one and a half million. This gives us a global vision of the strength of this exchange within the sector. As a result of this force, it launched its own token, the BNB, onto the market. And this has positioned itself as one of the great values, especially due to the volume of its market capitalization. In addition, all the indicators suggest that it will continue to be one of the great exponents that many investor portfolios have, along with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and the rest of the large assets.

When we read in specialized media and forums about the reliability of the portal, they all point in the same direction. That this is a reliable and secure platform where investors can buy or trade with the main cryptocurrencies on the market.

How does the app work?

How does the app work? rubengrcgrc

The exchange app works correctly on mobile devices and tablets. Many users and investors of the portal prefer to have this application ready on their devices to have the peace of mind of being able to carry out any purchase or sale operation at any time. In this way they manage to be available for when the market requires it through fluctuations in value, to be able to operate more easily.

Although the app does not have the broad view of the graphics of the version for PCs and computers, it does have all its functionalities operational. So the navigation and the steps to follow for operations and transactions are exactly the same.

In addition, when users want to make transactions to withdraw money from the portal, it is necessary to have the security verification and this is only possible to achieve it through confirmations by email and telephone. For this second verification it is essential to have the app downloaded on our device.

How to withdrawal?

How to withdrawal? rubengrcgrc

To withdrawal from Binance we have to have capital in local currency in our FIAT wallet. If this is not the case, we only have to convert any cryptocurrency from our SPOT wallet to euros. Once we have capital in our FIAT wallet, we just have to press the option.

Irish users currently have two options for withdrawing money from the exchange. The first of them and the most used by investors around the world is ADVcash. With it, we can use this medium without any commission and the money will arrive in seconds to our account on the online payment website. From there we can send the amount we want to our bank account.

The second option to make this transaction is to use the bank card. This option carries a commission of 1% of the total withdrawn capital and we have daily limits that apply depending on the available capital and other factors. Once the transaction is completed, we will have the money between 1 and business days, this depends on the interactions between banks.

Until recently, we also had the options was SEPA bank transfers but it is not currently available. From the exchange they inform that in a short period of time they will re-enable them for the convenience of their users. The option of making these withdrawal operations through Etana’s wallet was also available until a few weeks ago but is currently suspended for maintenance.

What does the new VISA card offer?

What does the new VISA card offer? rubengrcgrc

The new Binance VISA bank card offers some advantages to customers and users who request it. In the first place, the most relevant data is that we can have the money that we have in our spot and fiat accounts of the platform on our card at the time we deem appropriate. For this we only have to transfer the money quickly and easily.

As the rest of the benefits that we opt for with these cards, we must inform that we can use them in more than 60 million businesses around the world. Other striking features is the zero cost of administrative maintenance expenses and that you can keep your digital assets and change them to your local currency when you deem it appropriate.

In addition, we have to point out that Irish users can request this card since this country. Is one of those that make up the list of territories accepted to request these bank cards.

More information on social networks

More information on social networks - rubengrcgrc

Social networks are a perfect source of information to expand our knowledge about the exchange. In them we can find publications from other users about the portal’s functionalities and how to use it. We can also see countless experiences of investors and their main strategies in the short, medium and long term.

In addition, in this main social networks we can see the opinions of investors about the rates and commissions that they charge on the portal for trading operations carried out, direct purchase of cryptocurrencies and for the processes of income and withdrawals of capital.

Some of these pages where to find these infographics, videos and publications are:

What information can we find on Reddit about this exchange?

What information can we find on Reddit about this exchange? rubengrcgrc

On Reddit we can find several conversations with a multitude of irish users who publish their experiences on the cryptocurrency trading portal. In virtual conversions we can find countless topics related to the portal such as investment strategies, applied commissions or methods to withdraw money.

It is also easy to find publications on Reddit related to the purchase of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Polkadot (DOT), Cardano (ADA) and the rest of the main values ​​of this market segment. In these discussions we will see published different views on the behavior of these digital assets in the short, medium and long term. Obviously, we will find different points of view with uncertain forecasts, since no one can know what the value ceiling of these assets is, if they have it.

In other online conversions that take place on this information platform, we will see hundreds of experiences published by a multitude of investors on the exchange. In them we will see results of all kinds. What everyone agrees on is the popularization of this type of online investment with the most relevant cryptocurrencies.

Our review

Our review of Binance Ireland - rubengrcgrc

After studying the web ( exchange in Ireland with all functions we can confirm that our review is really positive. To be honest, we have to inform that most of the members that make up the study team of this website already knew it and use it to make their investments in Bitcoin and the rest of the most representative cryptocurrencies in the blockchain sector.

By studying it in depth you realize its main characteristics. The first, without a doubt, is its wide range of services related to the negotiation, purchase or storage of digital assets, but there are many more. In this portal we can train, inform ourselves and get small fractions of the new launches of securities to the market.

This is a global portal to expand knowledge of the blockchain industry and how blockchain technology changes and will change our lives. For trading cryptocurrencies, the most remarkable thing is the breadth of the securities portfolio and the low commissions applied on the transactions carried out.

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