Reviews about Avatrade

In the online broker market it is important to know in advance the security provided by the platform where we are going to operate, in that aspect, as we will see below, we will see it fully solved with this website.

Avatrade is the platform with the best reputation among professional traders. This is because of the level of its graphics, commissions and its level of information. Always up to date in the macro and microeconomic news to try to predict the movement of some securities, raw materials, funds and other investment products. In the online brokers sector, this portal is one of the best prepared also in terms of the training level offered to its users.

Opinions of the analyst team after testing the web during the last months

👦 Rubén García: “It is an ideal platform to operate with Cryptocurrencies, the level of information offered to users, very professional, has caught my attention.”


👩 María Sánchez: “The first few days I found it a bit awkward but I have to admit that once the measure is taken it has some professional graphics.


👧 Sara Matas: “Avatrade will undoubtedly be one of the star platforms for online trading.”


The financial products offered by the company include Contracts for Difference called CFDs, as well as other highly complex financial products. Operating with these products such as CFDs carries a high level of risk, since leverage can act both in your favor and against you. Therefore, these products such as CFDs may not be suitable for all investors, as they could lead to a loss of all the capital invested. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Before trading with the complex financial products offered to you, please inform yourself and make sure you have understood all the risks involved in these operations.


What commissions do they charge?

They charge conventional commissions with respect to the rest of the market, however, you can check them on their website. Without infinity of them, since it depends on all the available investment tools, and within these they also change depending on each of the selected products. For example, in the case of shares, the commission varies depending on each of the various securities. In general, the rate level is in line with the internet investment sector.

They have nightly rates depending on each tool. Also due to inactivity after twelve months without activity in the account opened for management costs. These are reflected on its website and we can consult them in open form in an updated way.


What is Avatrade?

Avatrade is an online broker of reference and maximum prestige. He has been awarded several times and has more than 200 investment options. Currently, the number of registered investors and trading operations is growing at high speed due to its sports sponsorship and excellent online training policy for any investor in the network.

In the world of internet trading this is one of the platforms that offers greater professionalism and security in its operations. In the portal you have the option to open a real account or demo to start testing its qualities. Training is always recommended before operating. To do this on the web they offer ample resources to train at all levels of forex and other investment products. You can expand the updated information in our consultation forums.


Do you have a demo account?

Yes, in the Avatrade investment platform they offer a totally free demo account for anyone interested in trying their portal. In it you can try all the investment options and you can familiarize yourself with the trading graphs.

It is important to use the demo account to understand the directions to follow of the different products where to invest. In it you can also use the training section with video tutorials and investment trends. Successful investors always talk and recommend spending more time than normal on these demo accounts. It is vital and important to understand all the products and practice hundreds of hours to find the business spaces.


Operate with stocks and values


Through the Avatrade portal it is very easy to invest in securities and shares of listed companies. This is one of the most used investment tools by internet traders.

Among the value options offered by the platform are all the protagonists of the large publicly traded markets. Among the most used are those related to the network, given the online medium in which they are made. Among them are Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Uber and others.


Is there a bonus to register with Avatrade?

➤ Yes, that’s the answer.

The platform always makes available to new registered users some attractive bonus, we leave you a “Register here” link, follow it to get the last bonus offered.



What are your trading platforms?

Entering Avatrade you can choose between several trading platforms, simply the one that best suits your tastes and needs. Of course, we also anticipate that in this portal you can trade from mobile devices and tablets.

The online trading platforms offered are:



Avatrade Go


With this investment portal you can operate at any time of the day and anywhere in the world, it is an easy-to-use and highly intuitive application with modernized and highly operational functions. It has management tools to facilitate any investment operation and clear graphics perfect for stock market operations.

As a novelty that Avatrade Go provides is to operate with the latest market trends and thus facilitate your operations.

While operating you can chat directly with Avatrade agents at any time of day and in your language.


Metatrader 4


One of the most effective and powerful platforms in the sector. Metatrader 4 is very effective to perform operations in an advanced way. Specialist in mathematical and algorithmic operations. It has a wide variety of investment analysis tools with different options according to different times.

It is accessible from PC, Mac, web, mobile and tablet. It has an MQL5 community to discuss and analyze with different users the different trading and investment strategies.


Mac Trading


Trading platform perfectly integrated and adapted by Mac.