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Our portal is currently made up of a small group of workers but we are always ready to increase the workforce slowly but surely.

What is the profile of the members of our platform?

The people who are part of our platform are professionals in the digital marketing sector with extensive knowledge of SEO, some and writing the rest. Once these skills are covered, they study the sectors and trends with the greatest flow of public on the internet such as online casinos, slots, bingo halls, sports betting, cryptocurrencies or online brokers.

The high vocation of digital marketing is crucial in our staff because the web only operates online. 100% of our readers know us only in this medium and more specifically in positioning in the main search engines. Little by little we are also developing channels to attract readers and visitors through social networks.

What are the positions we offer on our website?

The current staff of the portal is made up of three types of positions. First of all we have the authors, full-time or part-time workers. These authors are in charge of studying the sectors offered on the portal and form teams to study the most relevant platforms for each sector offered.

The second type of position on our portal is the one formed by collaborators. People who help and collaborate externally. Finally, we have reviewers, highly qualified professionals who verify that the information published is correct.

About us

At we are specialists in publishing references on the best web pages in the sectors for cryptocurrencies, exchanges, casino games, bingos, slots, roulette, sports betting and online brokers, among others. In the section published about us you can see the mission and vision of our platform together with the editors responsible for the publications displayed on the web.

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