Sara Matas

SEO writer and editor. Specialist in trending markets and sectors such as slots, bingo halls, poker, sports betting and brokers. If I didn’t have to work I would be traveling all year round but I can’t complain about my trips. To work I am an enthusiast, always learning, I have a passion for marketing and I am good at writing, the love of reading helps a lot.

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What do I work on at

Mainly in the study of the most important platforms in the sectors of online casinos, slot games, roulette, bingo and poker. These reviews are prepared by teams and are subsequently finished off with the evaluations of the readers of the web, thus the result gathers opinions from the largest possible number of people.

In addition to the studies, I also support the tasks of positioning with original writings that add value to the experience of users and indirectly also to the positioning of reviews in search engines.

What are the tools that I use?

Reading, no doubt. To develop the texts of the casino, bingo or roulette reviews, it is best to read as much as possible. I read the competitors with well-positioned reviews, I read specialized forums and I keep up to date with the laws and regulations applied to such games. The more I read, the easier it is for me to stand out in published reviews.

In addition to reading as much as possible, I rely on word counters to check that I have natural densities in my writing. To inspire me, I use social networks like Twitter or platforms like Wikipedia, it is always a pleasure to go to them, they are an endless source of knowledge.

Topics I like outside of my work

As I said in the presentation, traveling drives me crazy. I spend a lot of time preparing my trips and learning as much as possible about other cultures. I also like to continue learning about SEO issues outside of work, I like to know where algorithms like Google’s move, it is the one that I dedicate the most time to. I also like to see how the Amazon algorithm works, it intrigues me and I get to know it better every time.

I am also an athlete, I do everything. Nowadays I do paddle tennis, ski, run and whatever else they propose to me. Love it.

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At we are specialists in publishing references on the best web pages in the sectors for cryptocurrencies, exchanges, casino games, bingos, slots, roulette, sports betting and online brokers, among others. In the section published about us you can see the mission and vision of our platform together with the editors responsible for the publications displayed on the web.

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