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Founder of and SEO consultant. Specialist in highly difficult positioning in Google and other search engines. Follower, analyst and writer specialized in sectors such as casino games, bingo, slots, sports betting and online brokers with strong Internet search trends. Analyst also of the repercussions of related terms in social networks and specialized forums of cryptocurrencies, exchange, gambling, betting and finance.



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Why did I become interested in gambling?

It happened in my beginnings in the world of SEO more than 15 years ago. At that stage, he gave special relevance to the flow of visits that generated different, really varied terms. In doing so I began to realize that some keywords such as bingo games, online poker were already starting to emerge with thousands of daily searches.

Some time later, the same thing began to happen with terms more associated with sports betting, online brokers, cryptocurrencies and online casinos. And those terms are the ones that interest us, not our preferred ones, but those with search volumes generated in the main search engines.

What is my specialty?

SEO positioning, especially on Google. When my brother taught me what that seeker was, time stopped and my life changed. Since then, I became crazy passionate about the search engine and began to delve into the techniques of white SEO. At that time, I was working as a Commercial Management that little by little I was combining with my new knowledge of digital marketing until today in which SEO occupies 100% of my professional life.

Today I can also affirm that online casino games, bingo, slots, sports betting, cryptocurrencies and online brokers are vast sources of knowledge for me. Having spent so many years studying not only their live streams but also the experience on their registered platforms and months testing their games, I have ended up becoming an expert without wanting to, just for so many hours dedicated. Thanks to this, it is easy to check who are the operators that you can publish and in which it is better not to waste a second.

Is the assessment of the readers important?

It’s everything. Today the user experience is one of the main positioning factors, therefore it is they and their positive experience in our portal that help us or not to achieve the positioning results with searches in terms such as games casino, slot games, online bingo halls and many others.

In each published reference we leave a reader assessment tool enabled for each review. These ratings are kept public. When they are kept away from our own assessment, we revisit the reference to make readjustments of opinion if necessary. This is the trust we place in them.

The combination of this SEO knowledge together with the studies of the sectors that we reflect on the web gives us an ideal bonus for our references to position themselves in relevant positions. This gives us a large volume of users and readers who positively value our references from the online casino, slots, roulettes, cryptocurrencies or online brokers sectors.

The game is everyone’s responsibility

Some of our references and published sectors are within the online game. It is important to know that these games have regulations or laws that it is essential to comply with in each country. In addition, in some countries it is directly prohibited. For this reason, in each reference we specify to which country each operator is directed.

In general, it is important to know that we are all responsible for the game. And the one that it has to be healthy or not. In case you can enjoy these games of chance and bets in a safe and healthy way, it is better not to do so. In all our references we offer informative links to the different public bodies that are in charge of ensuring their proper functioning.

All the operators offered on our website have the general or particular licenses necessary to offer their games in the countries where they operate.

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