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Consultant at and specialist in social networks. Specialist follower in trending sectors such as cryptocurrencies, faucets, exchanges, casino games, slots, poker, sports betting and brokers. I never stop learning, I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by great experts in digital marketing. Currently giving special relevance to positioning factors related to user experience.


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Why did I start working on gambling and betting?

It was not by vocation but by destiny. When I started to collaborate with the website a few years ago I was an enthusiast of digital marketing in general and of social networks in particular. It was here that I began to study the levels of competition to rank in terms related to gambling and sports betting.

Once in the company I began to study the most important operators in Spain and other countries for the online casino, slots, bingo and sports betting sectors. By vocation I also like to keep up to date with the latest news and studies on cryptocurrencies, I declare myself quite a follower of its technology and huge fluctuations in value.

What other issues am I still related to the internet?

What I study the most is SEO, without a doubt. But also on the internet I am also aware of issues of ecology and sustainable economies. I love to think that we are going to a better world. I also follow very closely all the news from social networks. Of them, the ones that I am most passionate about are Instagram, Tic Toc and Pinterest, they are my weakness. I also love to be aware of the marketing applied to these networks with really surprising applied results, it is a field that holds a tremendous future for it.

With regard to games of chance, I give a lot of importance to the way of interacting between users and portals. I also study in depth how each platform takes care of its official channels on social networks and the impact on its followers, these are added values ​​that I try to capture in my studies.

The importance of responsible gaming

Something that I learned as soon as I started with my market research on gambling is the importance of the opinion of the players. By doing so, I instantly understood the importance of playing the game responsibly or not. Gaming platforms that respect the law give special relevance to this. It is everyone’s responsibility to make gaming a safe leisure with responsible habits.

For this we always inform, in all our published reviews of the importance of participating in a safe way. In addition, we offer informative links to the official domains with the best information in this regard.

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At we are specialists in publishing references on the best web pages in the sectors for cryptocurrencies, exchanges, casino games, bingos, slots, roulette, sports betting and online brokers, among others. In the section published about us you can see the mission and vision of our platform together with the editors responsible for the publications displayed on the web.

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