Laura Olmedilla

Passionate about social networks, specialist in creating value through digital marketing. To work, I have to study and assess aspects related to the experiences of users in the main platforms of the online casino, slots, sports betting and cryptocurrency sectors. In my free time I experiment with hundreds of web platforms of all kinds, I can’t help it, a manufacturing defect, I imagine.



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What do I write on

I write primary and secondary references for online casinos, online bingo halls, roulette wheels and cryptocurrency faucets. I also support the main reference study teams by providing my extensive knowledge about the user experience. This factor divided in turn into dozens of different factors serve as a guide to know the general operation of each platform to study.

Once the topics to be discussed have been selected, I get into an intense pace with the study of the factors to be studied. I also give special relevance to social networks as support for other factors of user and player satisfaction.

Finally, I make visual support elements, in this way, value is added to the published references with original and attractive images with corporate colors to encompass the information provided.

Tools used for my work

Like the rest of my colleagues, I use Analytics to see my own studies on the web. To study sectors, like them, I use Google Trends in a general way to establish semantic priorities in the sectors of online casino, bingo or any other selected.

For visual or audiovisual content development work, I usually use Canva for supporting images and Banners or Rendeforest to make supporting videos.

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