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Cryptocurrency expert. My years of monitoring began with Bitcoin, which I already saw enormous potential that today is a reality far beyond what we all intuited. Today I like to operate with consolidated cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, EOS or Litecoin or other novelties such as BitGreen and some others. For rubengrcgrc.com I write about cryptocurrency faucets and virtual wallets like Binance or Coinbase.

¿Porqué empecé a interesarme por la criptomonedas?

The beginning of my love affair with cryptocurrencies began with Bitcoin as I have commented previously, especially because of the blockchain technology, it was something really novel. Today, this technology moves billions of euros with thousands of different cryptocurrencies. Without a doubt, it is a global trend that has no end.

This beginning of my interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has been getting stronger over the years. Today I study dozens of new cryptocurrency launches and collaborate with different media in specialized publications. The latest platforms studied are Coinbase, Binance and some new virtual currencies.

What platforms do I recommend to all readers?

In general the faucets. These portals gave away small portions of various cryptocurrencies and although they are small amounts they may fluctuate upward in the future and we must not lose sight of the fact that they were amounts given away. These faucets have become portals with millions of registered users around the world who get free money for little value. The most famous faucets are FreeBitcoin, MoonBitcoin, MoonLitecoin, RollerBit, Cointiply and some more.

Cryptocurrency wallets such as Coinbase or Binance are also recommended with which you can save, buy or sell the main cryptocurrencies.

Are cryptocurrencies a good investment?

I cannot claim that cryptocurrencies are a good investment because no one knows the future. What I can affirm is its trend, the data that we have to date with its value growths and frankly, they are incredible. The growth line of Bitcoin and its shadow, thousands of new cryptocurrencies, is very high if we stretch it back years.

What will happen in the future no one knows but that cryptocurrencies are here to stay is irrefutable. Something that we can also affirm is the positioning of some of them in the first positions by capitalization on a stable basis. On the list, Bitcoin with the highest market capitalization always appears in the first place, followed by Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP.

Knowing how their value lines will follow is impossible but if we look at the first 20 cryptocurrencies by capitalization value we usually find few surprises. All of them have extremely solid investment capital and we must not lose sight of them.

Important factors to invest in these cryptocurrencies

As in any investment, the most important factors to invest, buy or sell cryptocurrencies are those associated with the risk of loss of value. For this, the important thing is to analyze what type of investment we are looking for. If we are looking for safe positions within the volatility of this market, it is better to invest in cryptocurrencies with large capitalizations such as Bitcoin with more than 400 billion euros or Ethereum with more than 70 billion euros of market capitalization. In these cryptocurrencies is where “a priori” we have a lower investment risk and less exposure to loss of value.

If we are looking for greater exposures in an attempt to achieve higher profitability due to exponential growth, we can look at established cryptocurrencies but with a lower volume of capitalization, for example in the range of 10 million euros to 100 million euros. These types of investments have a higher investment risk and loss of value. These are used by hundreds of thousands of investors around the world.

How to get money in the faucets?

Getting money with small portions of cryptocurrencies in the faucets is really easy. Most users who do so get very little money but not all, some users get good amounts of money for free. To earn a few fractions of some cryptocurrencies there is no greater mystery, you register and follow the instructions. A good tip is to register is not a faucet but in 10 or 20. By doing it on more platforms the small free portions of cryptocurrencies will be a greater volume. Another tip is that you do not spend them on games that they offer you, it is better to save them and wait for their value to grow exponentially.

If you want to earn a lot more money in the faucets there are several not easy ways to get it. The most common is to do it through affiliations, if you manage to have many registered users under your affiliation you will take a small percentage of their earnings without them losing anything. If you manage to have a large volume of registered users with your affiliations, you will be able to generate a greater volume of benefits. We already anticipate that it is not easy but those who succeed generate great profits.

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