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Writer and editor. Specialist in multiple markets and trending sectors such as online casinos, slot games, bingo, sports betting, cryptocurrencies and online brokers. Currently evolving in SEO knowledge applied to published references. When I get away from work I play sports until exhaustion.


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My favorite topic on

There is no question about that, sports betting and cryptocurrencies. Although I write about different topics, it is sports betting that I can talk about without limits. the truth is that I am addicted to sports and that is why it is really easy for me to study platforms in that sector. My favorite sports are soccer, basketball and tennis, of which I know almost all the historical data, very freaky for that.

When it comes to writing about online casinos I like to research arithmetic possibilities and derivative calculations. When I tell my theories to my classmates, they freak out a bit, it’s normal.

What do I do when I leave work?

Sport and more sport. I also study SEO strategies that they teach me at, the truth is that it is a complex world that never stops changing, I like algorithms. I’ve always gotten along well with math and it’s really applicable to positioning work. It amuses me to make tables and comparisons, they always provide great value.

I also like to travel, now it has become more complicated, but everything will come back and we will go back to devouring kilometers without brake.

Where does the interest in online casinos come from?

It is clearly labor. Before starting to work on this platform, I did not know the ins and outs of online casinos. Today, after studying the most relevant platforms, I can confirm that I have a fairly broad knowledge of the most determining factors of these online gambling games.

First of all, I can affirm that the most relevant factor for a portal to be considered one of the most prominent casinos on the internet is that it has a large volume of users. It is only they who manage to increase the prizes awarded. When the jackpots or jackpots accumulated in a casino rise, the registered users increase directly proportionally.

Within online casinos I have a special weakness for trying slot games and roulettes. I like to find out about different techniques and strategies used by some famous casino players on the net, the truth is that none of them have permanently worked for me, it is clear that these games only depend on luck to mark the lucky ones winners.

What are the best platforms to play casino?

The best platforms to play the casino must be selected depending on each country. For fans of these games of chance, you always have to select portals that have general and private licenses issued by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling. Currently my list of preferred online casinos to play are StarVegas, LeoVegas, William Hill Casino, Luckia Casino and Casino 777.

Why have casino games become such a strong trend?

I don’t have an answer for it. I study the trends generated by Internet users, such as online casinos, but I cannot interpret why these strong trends have been created.

The high volumes of Internet users who play these online casinos do not occur in all countries, and it is not legal in all of them. These trends of players towards casinos especially occur in some regulated countries such as Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom and others more spread around the world.

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