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If you are part of the commercial or marketing department of any online casino, bingo, slot platform, sports betting website, online brokers or cryptocurrency faucet and you want your website to be part of our references, it will be a pleasure to study it for inclusion in our portal. If this is your case, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you as long as the factors mentioned below are met.

What portals can appear on our website

To be part of our references on, a series of essential requirements must be met for us to study and publish a reference. First of all, it is essential that the portal be a reference within some of the sectors that we currently include on our website. Today those topics of interest are gambling, online casinos, sports betting, online bingo halls, online brokers and cryptocurrencies. The way to check if the portal is a reference in any of these sectors is to check using tools such as Google Trends if there are volume searches associated with your brand and comparing them with the rest of the operators in your sector.

Once the relevance of each new reference has been verified, it is also essential to know that it complies with all regulations, regulations and laws in force in each country where said reference offers its games, bets, products or services. If there are licenses in the sector, it is also essential to have them in force, otherwise we do not even proceed to study the brand or portal, much less its publication, under any circumstances.

The third of the relevant issues is that the portal has an affiliate option and we reach an agreement in the terms thereof. Our website offers affiliation links in all the references studied and published, charging a percentage of the expenses generated by each of the users who have followed said links.

Why is it important for platforms to have references like the ones published here?

For the reference platforms of any sector, virtual “word of mouth” advertising is vital and essential, that is, the opinions of other players and portals independent of the officials. According to studies published by prestigious media, more than 70% of online users seek independent opinions, forums or reviews before making the decision to register on a website.

In this scenario, it is vital for the best portals to have reviews where their strengths and the less interesting are explained in a fair and honest way. To publish these reviews it is vital to create them as honestly as possible for several reasons but one of them is elementary, if the review is real and honest it will be easier for it to be positioned in search engines such as Google and it will have a greater volume of readers. By having a real user experience, these will help these reviews occupy the first positions with factors such as more time spent on your website and seen from several urls within the same domain.

Steps to follow to publish your portal

If you meet the requirements we have mentioned and want to be part of our references, do not hesitate to send an email to Once the message is received, we will contact you as soon as possible and it will be a real pleasure to reach an affiliation agreement to proceed with the study of the brand and its subsequent publication.

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At we are specialists in publishing references on the best web pages in the sectors for cryptocurrencies, exchanges, casino games, bingos, slots, roulette, sports betting and online brokers, among others. In the section published about us you can see the mission and vision of our platform together with the editors responsible for the publications displayed on the web.

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