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The rubengrcgrc.com website is a platform specialized in references on the best companies, pages or brands of some of the sectors with the highest trends and volumes of users. Some of these sectors on which we elaborate references are cryptocurrencies, exchanges, online brokers, online casinos, bingo halls, slots, roulettes and sports betting websites.

These references are first studied and analyzed by our team to later publish detailed information about them. In the studies and analysis, the most relevant factors in a platform are taken into consideration, such as security, legality, games or products offered and the volume of users and players.

Our mission

Our mission at rubengrcgrc.com is to make known which are the safest platforms with the most detailed information about them. For our references we take into account not only the opinion of our team and external experts but also that of users and readers.

In order to take into account the opinion of users and especially that of our readers, we have enabled votes to assess each of the references shown. This vote represents a substantial part of the information that we collect from each company, platform or brand, since with it we readjust the reviews in the event that there is too much difference between said evaluations and that reflected by our study team.

Thanks to this we achieve that the evaluation of our readers makes up an essential part of our informative website.


From our informative portal rubengrcgrc.com we offer affiliate links to the most relevant platforms in different sectors such as online casinos, slot games, internet bingo halls, sports betting, cryptocurrencies, faucets, fast credits and online brokers. All the affiliation links offered are directed towards portals of reputed prestige and that comply with all security and legality standards. From our team we give absolute priority to knowing that each of the references shown on the web comply with each of the regulations and laws in force in each country where they offer their games, bets, products or services.

With these affiliations we get a percentage of commission with respect to the expenses generated by the users sent to the different platforms. These affiliations are already a business mode used by millions of web pages on the internet.

In social networks

Our platform is supported by the main social networks to reinforce the information that we publish on the web. Some of the most active accounts and profiles are our Twitter account with weekly updates with our new references released. The great impact and feedback we get through these publications is really remarkable. Another account that especially draws our attention due to the large number of shared images is our official profile on Pinterest.

Many of these publications on social networks are related to the most relevant terms of the sectors offered: cryptocurrencies, online casino, bingo, roulette, slots, sports betting and internet brokers.

Editors team at rubengrcgrc.com

The team of editors at rubengrcgrc.com is made up of online marketing, SEO and social media professionals. Currently the references made and published are part of the online sectors of online casinos, slots, bingo, roulette, sports betting and brokers on the net.

This team carries out the studies and analyzes jointly to proceed to the publication of references by the best specialist in each subject. Each editor checks the variations in the votes of each reference to take into account the assessment of the readers and rectify the reference with the necessary adjustments.

Currently the editors are the following:

Rubén García

Founder and SEO consultant. Specialist in highly difficult positioning in Google and other search engines. Follower, analyst and writer specialized in sectors such as casino games, bingo, slots, sports betting and online brokers with strong Internet search trends. Analyst also of the repercussions of related terms in social networks and specialized forums of gambling, betting and finance.



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María Sánchez

SEO consultant and specialist in social networks. Specialist follower in trending sectors such as casino games, slots, poker, sports betting and brokers. I never stop learning, I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by great experts in digital marketing. Currently giving special relevance to positioning factors related to user experience.


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Sara Matas

SEO writer and editor. Specialist in trending markets and sectors such as slots, bingo halls, poker, sports betting and brokers. If I didn’t have to work I would be traveling all year round but I can’t complain about my trips. To work I am an enthusiast, always learning, I have a passion for marketing and I am good at writing, the love of reading helps a lot.

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Laura Olmedilla

Passionate about social networks, specialist in creating value through digital marketing. To work, I have to study and assess aspects related to the experiences of users in the main platforms of the online casino, slots, sports betting and cryptocurrency sectors. In my free time I experiment with hundreds of web platforms of all kinds, I can’t help it, a manufacturing defect, I imagine.



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Antonio Martin

Writer and editor. Specialist in multiple markets and trending sectors such as casinos, slots, bingo, sports betting and online brokers. Currently evolving in SEO knowledge applied to published references. When I get away from work I play sports until exhaustion.


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Juan Serrano

Cryptocurrency expert. My years of monitoring began with Bitcoin, which I already saw enormous potential that today is a reality far beyond what we all intuited. Today I like to operate with consolidated cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, EOS or Litecoin or other novelties such as BitGreen and some others. For rubengrcgrc.com I write about cryptocurrency faucets and virtual wallets like Coinbase.

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About us

At rubengrcgrc.com we are specialists in publishing references on the best web pages in the sectors for cryptocurrencies, exchanges, casino games, bingos, slots, roulette, sports betting and online brokers, among others. In the section published about us you can see the mission and vision of our platform together with the editors responsible for the publications displayed on the web.

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